The IVC internship program offers individuals a highly relational opportunity to grow in their love for God, people, and ministry. These internships, ranging from 1-8 weeks in length, allow an individual to come to Isla Vista and live among our culture. Unlike traditional internships, we do not offer a highly structured program for our interns. We give you the unique advantage of creating the internship according to your goals and needs. Our desire is for you to come immerse yourself in our culture and build lasting relationships with our family. In addition to living life with our community, interns will choose from the various tracks of focus. Interns should expect a time of intense personal growth, endless ministry opportunities, experiential learning, and lots of hanging out.


These tracks are designed to give you some structure and vision for your time with us. You can pick as many as you like; typically we advise one track per week you stay with us.

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.

JOHN 1:14


With a growing worship movement, you have an opportunity to explore your musical anointing while serving the worship team. Activities could include spending time in the sound studio, learning how to develop your musical gifting, helping with tear down and set-up, and other things as needed.


With over 20,000 people living in Isla Vista, most of them college students, this place is an evangelist’s dream. Weekly activities will include assisting at Jesus Burgers, “treasure hunts” (aka prophetic evangelism), and love walks. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with people from our community who are hungry to see people come into the Kingdom while developing your own evangelistic anointing.


Are you hungry to hear God every day all day? This is an opportunity for you to develop your ability to hear God on a regular basis, whether it be talking with Him about your own personal life or getting a prophetic word for someone else. Weekly activities will include meeting up with a prophetic mentor, assisting at prayer and prophecy, attending prayer meetings, and applying what God is telling you.


Our core values are all reflected in every track:


Do you have aspirations to raise a family with a missional mindset? Then this is your opportunity to get to know a few of the core families of our community. Duties will include helping babysit children, cooking meals, and cleaning the house. This will be a rich time for you to really connect with the mamas and papas, learning from their experiences of pursuing city transformation in the midst of everyday family life.


With over a dozen community homes, living together and doing life together has become one of the strongest values of our family. If you are interested in learning what it is like to live in close proximity with lots of brothers and sisters, then this is an opportunity for you. Activities will include hanging out at the various community homes, building relationships, eating meals together, and helping with every day house duties.


Want to create a plan for your personal and spiritual growth? Are you looking to gain clarity on developing your own personal destiny? You will have the opportunity to grow yourself through a daily action plan specifically designed to empower and equip you in your destiny. Activities include meeting up with a destiny mentor, biblical meditation, reading, reflecting, processing, writing, ministering, and assisting with the development and design of new personal growth tools.



My time in Isla Vista was life changing. I learned heaps about my spiritual gifts and how they benefit the whole church body. But above all, I experienced the love of Jesus through these beautiful amazing people in IV. Never before have I encountered such genuine love and affection for the lost, with the desire to make Jesus known in Isla Vista and the nations.


United Kingdom

My days in IV were amazing and full of the presence of God. I won a new American family that loves me a lot. I learned a little bit more about Jesus and The Kingdom of Heaven with these guys. Beyond thankful!



To say the two months I spent interning at Isla Vista Church were life changing is an understatement. Not only did I gain clarity on my purpose but I also gained revelation and insight into my purpose on the mission field and was able to spend time growing in my spiritual gifts. I gained a loving family of believers that continue to be mentors and friends, and a newfound freedom in Jesus. My husband and I returned home from our internship with a fresh fire for spreading the Good News and the love of Jesus we experienced.

Mikaela McLaughlin


I went to IV straight from the mission field of Costa Rica. I got there and wanted to preach the gospel and make a huge impact on lives. Well, the Father sat me down and gave me a time of glorious rest in my soul. A flow of graceful revelation was continually on me my whole time there. I found it to be a place of refuge in the middle of chaos. I left impacted and deeper equipped in His love for me. I am very grateful for the community in Isla Vista.



Housing & Accommodations

Isla Vista Church is able to provide an intern bunk house for you to stay, while you participate in your internship. Housing at the various community homes can be arranged for longer stays, but you will primarily be based on the Lomelino’s property. Due to these living situations, it won’t take long for you to feel like family. For meals and snacks you will have access to a refrigerator and kitchen area. There are several restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance as well. We should definitely plan to bring extra money for either eating out or purchasing food. We will set you up with three dinners a week with various people from the community. If you are interested in a year long internship, housing can be made available to you at the Jesus Burgers Ministry House. The Jesus Burgers House is a ministry home devoted to building community and loving the city of Isla Vista through Jesus Burgers and other acts of service. For more information about this opportunity please email us. We are now leasing spots for July 2015 to June 2016.

Requirements for Interns

Although requirements will be minimal for this internship, the following is expected of you as an intern:

  • Read Jesus Burgers & Family of God
  • Read the IVC Overview PDF
  • Listen to the Isla Vista Worship album
  • Watch assigned videos
  • Fulfill all responsibilities assigned to you through your chosen track

COST: $100 per week

Duration of Internship

If you would like to intern with us, please fill out the application and email it back to us at