Jesus Burgers V2

In our second volume of testimonies from the Jesus Burgers ministry, we share the stories of twenty-seven lives transformed by the power of Jesus. These individuals have become catalysts of change in the college town of Isla Vista, California. Their transformative experiences have caused a ripple effect that goes beyond the square-mile party town.


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Isla Vista Worship

REVIEW: “These songs are an anthem for our generation. A fresh, radical, creative expression of worship. You will feel the presence of God in these moments of pure glory.”




“One of the best most creative and original worship albums ever made.”

“…The working and presence of God in this album emanates like rushing waters.”

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“It takes worship music to another level.”

“Caleb Davis is the real deal and a true worshipper.”

“…Praise God for such great music that He would allow us to express as His sons and daughters.”

“Not a day goes by without me listening. Jasmine Guerrero is so insanely talented & gifted.”


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Jesus Burgers tells the stories of twenty-five lives and how they collided in Isla Vista, an infamous party town adjacent to the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Sharing the love and hope of Jesus through a simple hamburger is what Jesus Burgers is all about.

Jesus Burgers Volume 2 shares the stories of twenty-five lives transformed by the power of Jesus. In these stories of faith, hope, and love you will see the glory of Jesus, hear His heart for this generation, and taste of the goodness of God.

The Family of God reveals God’s heart for His body to be united and for the church to no longer be a place you go but a family you belong to, as it shares the stories of twenty lives growing into a community centered on the love of Jesus.

Mom Grace is predominantly about perspective. It is a book that is meant to encourage as well as challenge mothers to learn to recognize both the blessings and the challenges unique to motherhood as gifts from God.