The IVC internship program offers individuals a highly relational opportunity to grow in their love for God, people, and ministry.

These internships, ranging from 1-6 weeks in length, allow an individual to come to Isla Vista and live among our culture. Unlike traditional internships, we do not offer a highly structured program for our interns.

We give you the unique advantage of creating the internship according to your goals and needs. Interns will be immersed in life with our community.

Interns can expect personal growth, a bounty of ministry opportunities, experiential learning, and lots of hanging out. Our desire is for you to come immerse yourself in our culture and build lasting relationships with our family*



Our internship is very unique between each individual and God.
However, the following elements are a part of every internship learning path.

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With over 20,000, college aged, people living in Isla Vista, this place is an evangelist’s dream. Weekly activities include assisting at Jesus Burgers, “treasure hunts” (aka prophetic evangelism), and prayer walks. You will have the opportunity to build relationships with people from our community who are hungry to see people come into the Kingdom while developing your own evangelistic heart.


Prophetic Lifestyle & Identity


Prayer & Prophetic Lifestyle

Are you hungry to hear God every day, all day? This internship is an opportunity for you to develop your ability to hear God on a regular basis, whether it be talking with Him about your own personal life or getting a prophetic word for someone else. Activities include meeting up with a prophetic mentor, assisting at our monthly Prayer & Prophecy event, attending prayer meetings, and applying what God is telling you.


Knowing God, our identity in Christ, and spiritual formation is key to healthy life and growth. Activities include focused assignments such as journaling, scripture memorization, reading and reflecting on a Psalm daily, and a weekly Marco Polo check-in with your group leader.

For information on our Fall 2019 Identity Internship, click below:



Isla Vista Church is able to provide sleeping arrangements at one of our community spaces while you participate in your short term internship. Accommodations vary, but be ready to sleep on a couch, in a RV, or an air mattress in a shared room. For meals and snacks you will have access to a refrigerator and kitchen area. There are several restaurants and grocery stores within walking distance as well. Plan to bring extra money for either eating out or purchasing food. For part of your stay you will be at the Jesus Burgers House - a ministry home devoted to building community and loving the city of Isla Vista through Jesus Burgers and other acts of service.


We accept interns for up to 6 weeks each quarter, starting with Fall Quarter (beginning September 22, 2019).

*Our internship does not run during the summer or during the following dates:
Winter Break (Dec 13, 2019 - Jan 2, 2020), Spring Break (March 21-29, 2020),
Summer Break (June 12 - late September 2020).


Although requirements are minimal for this internship, the following is expected of you as an intern:

  1. Read assigned books, videos, and other materials

  2. Respect those in community, especially in community living spaces.

  3. Fulfill all responsibilities assigned to you during your internship.

COST: $150 per week*

*This goes to general church funds and helps with day-to-day operations of the church.


You can also download the application here and email it at your convenience to



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